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Solar Energy Systems

Solar energy systems are the ones with the lowest maintenance costs of solar power plant among today’s power plants compared to other power plant types. For buildings with roof use such as factories, logistics companies and warehouses, the fact that the electricity to be produced on the roof transmits electricity without any loss, increases the quality of the energy used and can prevent the high electricity prices that the business owners pay. For this purpose, the design of the solar energy system to be established, the quality of the material used, the experience of the solar energy company that will install the solar power plant, and the reliability, financial strength and ability of the company to complete the work have an important place. According to the average sunshine hours in our country, it is possible to obtain 240 thousand to 260 thousand kWh of energy. The financial return of this is around $34 thousand per year. In other words, for a business with a roof of 1000 m2; If the direction and static compatibility of the roof are provided, it is possible to earn an average of $34 thousand per year. It is also possible for investors who do not consume this amount of electricity in their business, to sell the electricity produced to the grid for 10 years with a state guarantee. SOLAR COLLECTORS One of the hot water preparation methods is the solar energy system. It is a system that can amortize the initial cost expenses in a short time. It is easy to use. There is no fuel requirement and no electricity requirement if it is a pumpless system. The solar hot water preparation system has three basic elements. – Solar collector. – Storage tank. – Pipe network. The collector is used to pass the rays from the sun to the water to be used. The collector is matt black (black body acceptance theory) and covered with a glass layer. Sealing must be provided between the glass and the collector. There are channels in the collector through which the water circulates. These channels are made of copper or aluminum material that can absorb heat. When mounting the collector, it is mounted to the roof with triton screws with profile feet. The storage tank should be made of stainless material and well insulated. The pipe network consists of connections between the collector and the storage tank. It should be insulated against heat losses. Pipes should be as short as possible and without elbows. Plastic or galvanized pipes should never be used. Instead of these, copper pipes should be used.


Solar energy is technology based on obtaining energy from sunlight. The sun’s rays reaching a unit area in space on Earth’s orbit are 1,366 W/m² when measured on a surface perpendicular to the sun. This value is also known as the solar energy constant. The atmosphere reflects 6% of this energy and absorbs 16%, thus the highest solar energy attainable at sea level is 1,020 W/m². When these values ​​are in question, it is inevitable to obtain hot water from solar energy.

In this direction, we publish the project subject of “Hot Water Supply Facility Project of 21 Flats Building in Edirne with Solar Energy” on our website on hot water supply with solar energy.

The annual utility water of a building of 21 flats in Edirne will be supplied by solar energy. The design of the flat collector system, which will be arranged with closed circuit forced circulation, will be made.

Today, the way of utilizing natural energy resources has reached very different dimensions due to the gradual decrease of energy resources and changes in world politics. Our country is in a very convenient location in terms of opportunities to benefit from the sun.

Rapid urbanization, industrialization and the increase in energy use brought about by population growth forces us to use different forms of energy. In this search, solar energy emerges as an energy source that has been discussed and extensively researched. The best source of energy is solar energy, which is inexhaustible and also free. Now, in developed countries of the world, how to benefit from this energy source and how to store it is being researched. With this energy, events such as electricity generation, heating, distillation, drying, cooling etc. are carried out. In recent years, cars powered by solar energy have been made.

In fact, all energy sources are derived from the sun. Commonly used fossil fuels have changed their characteristics thanks to the energy they received from the sun ages ago and have taken their usable forms today. With the discovery of fossil fuels, their use has increased so rapidly that they will be discontinued in the very near future. Therefore, we should start as soon as possible to obtain most of our energy needs from the sun, not from stored energy sources.