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Municipality License

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Municipality License

Municipality License As you can see from the adjacent article, the license project is a legal requirement. Building (Construction) License A building permit is a permit given by the municipalities to start the construction of any building that is subject to a license within the adjacent areas, and by the Governorships (Directorate of Environment and Urbanization) outside the boundaries of the adjacent area. It is obligatory to obtain a building permit for all buildings that fall under the scope of the Zoning Law No. 3194 (except for the exception specified in Article 27). Even the excavation process, which is the first stage of construction, cannot be started without obtaining a license.

In licensing projects, the plan notes of the relevant municipalities are important, as well as the planned type zoning regulation published by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. For this reason, there may be differences from district to district, municipality to municipality in the type regulation valid throughout Turkey. The reason for these differences is the plan notes published by the municipalities.It is the main thing that the offices or architects who prepare architectural projects will pay attention to.