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About Us

Nish İstanbul

Since 2012

We produce energy-efficient projects.

About US

DWG started its activities in 2012 as an organization that prioritizes engineering, mechanical project design, consultancy and consultancy services. Founders; We are a company that was established as an equal partnership of Mechanical Engineer Vahap SARIPINAR and Mechanical Engineer Göktuğ ŞİMŞEK. We have taken part in beautiful projects at home and abroad. Thanks to the trust we provide to our business partners we work with and our engineering services, we have obtained good references as DWG Engineering. The changing possibilities and conditions of our country and the mechanical project sector have also developed and changed us. Therefore, in order to be positioned in line with the natural needs of the developing and changing industry, we have clinched our place in the sector by undertaking mechanical installation contracting works

As DWG Engineering, our mission we undertake in the mechanical projects and contracting works in which we operate is to achieve maximum comfort with an understanding that prioritizes the most efficient use of possible conditions. It is to solve vital life conditions such as heating & cooling, ventilation, fire protection, access to clean water, removal of wastes with minimum energy consumption.

As DWG engineering, our goals are; To reach the most advanced points by increasing our value and adding value to our solution partners in the mechanical installation project and contracting sector, where we are actively working. To provide the best engineering service by taking our place in important, prestigious and strategic projects in the country or abroad that we aim to work with. We want to share the opportunities and benefits that will arise with our business partners in the fairest way and to grow even more together. To use these gains in the most beneficial way on behalf of our country and to support domestic and national production are our goals. In this direction, with our strong staff who will undertake all kinds of tasks, we suggest and offer to work together with the companies with which we will be solution partners, taking all risks within the framework of trust.