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DWG Engineering

Why DWG?

We catch time and technology with a young and dynamic staff; reach, deliver, design and produce up-to-date information and advanced technology. We design systems and scenarios by considering project-based regional factors.

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    DWG Difference !

    We produce separate and unique solutions for each project and offer useful and functional economy.


    We make special designs for nature and architecture.


    We offer uninterrupted service with a high perception of personnel quality.


    An understanding that cares about the environment and living things is our priority


    Each of our projects we work on is included in our reference as an experience.

    Our services

    We bring together our professional approach and experience, and develop innovative services by considering the dynamics of the sector.

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    Thermal Insulation

    These are the processes carried out to prevent hot or cold air from entering or leaving the houses through thermal bridges.

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    Heating Installation

    Heating systems are systems that work with the principle of meeting the heat loss from the indoor environment to the outside environment in order to keep the usage areas at the desired temperature.

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    Mechanical Installation

    It is the whole of the components that make up the internal system of the building, which are made to increase the living standards and comfort in construction works.

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    These are the pipelines required for the clean delivery of the water taken from the source to every building, the discharge of the dirty water and the discharge of the used dirty water.

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    Municipality (License)

    It is the plan that includes the exterior view of the immovable to be constructed, the design inside and the ratios with other immovables in the surrounding area.

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    Fire Installation

    With these installations, which are of great importance in both living and working areas, it is possible to intervene before fires turn into disasters.

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    We produce energy-efficient projects.

    Our Projects

    With solutions tailored for you, our team of experts in design, implementation and project management produces professional solutions

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    Our Principle is Environmentalist

    We produce professional solutions on engineering, project design and
    consultancy services for many structures and facilities.

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    It is the part that carries out the management and implementation phases of the project throughout the designed project. As DWG Engineering, we work to achieve the project objectives and management in a professional manner.

    ● System selection
    ● Making engineering calculations
    ● Drawing and detailing the project
    ● Preparation of discovery, specification and tender dossiers

    Industrial facilities, touristic facilities, educational buildings, dining and entertainment buildings, shopping and living centers, military facilities, health facilities, social living areas.