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Natural gas

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Natural gas

What is Natural gas?

Natural gas is a kind of combustible gas mixture of fossil origin in the earth’s crust. It is a petroleum derivative. As a fuel, it takes the second place after crude oil in order of importance. Most natural gas consists of a hydrocarbon compound called methane gas. Other components; ethane, propane, butane gases.

This energy source comes to our factories, plazas, hotels, restaurants and homes through natural gas network lines created in cities. In order for this gas to be converted into energy, it must be given to the devices that need to be burned at appropriate pressures. It should be projected from the entrance of natural gas to the buildings from the city network line. In accordance with the regulations specified by the gas distribution companies, the installation is designed from the appropriate routes and in the required pipe diameters. The natural gas reaching the end user becomes ready to be used with the gas pressure adjusted by the regulators.