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Medical Gas and Compressed Air Installation

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Medical Gas and Compressed Air Installation

Medical Installations Medical gases are used in health care facilities such as operating rooms, delivery rooms, intervention rooms where surgical operations are performed, and care and treatment areas such as intensive care, re-animation service, patient rooms, and to operate surgical instruments. The piping system that distributes these gases to the end units, which are the points of use, is called the medical gas installation, the system made to provide vacuum at these points, the medical vacuum system and the system made to remove the anesthesia gases in the operation rooms, sleep and recovery rooms, is called anesthetic waste gas installation. Medical Installation Elements.

* Central Oxygen, Nitrogen Plants and equipment.

* Medical Air Plants.

* Medical Vacuum Plant Systems and parts.

* Anesthetic Gas Relief Systems (AGSS).

* Patient Bedside Units.

*Horizontal, H type and Vertical Intensive Care Units.

* Operating Room and Intensive Care Pendants.

* Gas ​​and Electric Panels.

* Gas ​​Cut-off and Alarm Panels on the Floor.

* High Pressure Regulators.

* Medical Gas Outlets (Oxygen, Nitrous Protoxide, Air, Vacuum).

* Flowmeter, Regulator, Vacuum Jars and other accessories.

Compressed Air Installation;

It is used in industrial facilities and health institutions. The air required for the machines is given to the installation under pressure and is taken to the machines in the usage area with the pipes.

Elements of compressed air installation; vacuum pumps, compressors, filters, dryers, compressed air tanks, installation pipes and armatures.

Medical Air Plant is used to meet the medical air and surgical air needs in hospitals. Medical and surgical air is generally used in operating rooms, intensive care units, coronary intensive care units, emergency rooms and delivery rooms.

Medikal Hava Santralı, hastanelerde medikal hava ve cerrahi hava ihtiyacını karşılamak için kullanılmaktadır. Medikal ve cerrahi hava genelde ameliyathanelerde, yoğun bakım ünitelerinde, koroner yoğun bakım ünitelerinde, acil servislerde ve doğum salonları gibi yerlerde kullanılmaktadır.