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Rehau Underfloor Heating Systems

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Rehau Underfloor Heating Systems

“We do not want our thoughts and comfort to be limited in any way when we are in our own home.
With the REHAU underfloor heating system, you can add a new feature to your home.”

“More comfort, more space and higher quality of life

The REHAU underfloor heating system offers you many application possibilities. You feel the heat, but you don’t see where it’s coming from. This gives you greater freedom to bring your own ideas to life and create the environment in which you feel most comfortable.”

Enjoy total flexibility

We spend a lot of time making our home a special place for us. The paints, the furniture, the decoration – everything has to be exactly as we imagined it. Why should we have to compromise on these?

REHAU underfloor heating systems allow you to free your creativity while furnishing your home. You don’t have to lose your precious spaces to radiators. You have more space to bring your ideas to life.

Have a more sustainable system. In addition to its comfort and flexibility features, the REHAU underfloor heating system also provides energy savings. Thus, you both protect the environment and save money. Implementation of the system is not more expensive than conventional radiators. Why stick with a standard solution when you can have more sustainable solutions for the same price? REHAU underfloor heating systems provide confidence in sustainability: You can combine these systems with many different regenerative energy sources such as solar energy or geothermal energy. Financial incentives are also offered by KfW and other similar institutions for such applications.